Growing up in Indiana, my HS never dreamed of offering Hockey as a sport.  CT has it FO SHO!  The East Haven barn known as Dilungo Rink is immaculate.  Unfortunately for the EHHS Jackets, so was New Fairfield's squad.  What a game to get ushered into HS Hockey.  

NFI beat EHHS 4-1, but the game was closer than the score.  Just because they're in HS doesn't mean they aren't out to inflict some pain.  It was unbelievable to see this game.  Pain, goals, cheers, and heartbreak, it had it all.  As a kid from the cornfields, I had no idea this existed.  I left that rink jealous of the kids who get the opportunity to play.  I can't wait to get out to more HS Hockey in CT.  I even love the primitive and stinky locker room. (below)

Quick question: what would you say the purpose of cheerleaders are at HS Hockey?

Dilungo Locker Room