Woman Terrified After Finding Photo Of Herself Sleeping On Her Phone

Plenty of people scroll through the photos on their phones when they're bored. It's a nice way to reminisce and pass the time, but the experience turned terrifying for one woman in England when she found a photo of herself asleep in her bed and she had no idea who took it. 

Debra Demetriou claims that the blurry pic was snapped on a night when she was alone in her house with the doors locked. In the shot, which seems to have been taken from the foot of her bed, Debra appears with her eyes half open, tucked into her bed. She swears she fell asleep with her phone under her pillow and woke up with it there as well, but at some point that night the picture was taken. 

Debra told Chronicle Live that there were no signs of a break-in adding, "I was completely freaked out." She went on to explain, “I held down the picture to see the movement, and you can see both my arms are by my side so it couldn’t even have been a selfie. And my eyes are half-open - if someone else had been in the room I’m sure I would have noticed them. I’m absolutely convinced nobody else was in the house."

A psychic and paranormal investigator called the image "spooky" and suggested it might be someone close to Debra who passed away trying to get her attention. Whatever it was, Demetriou has no idea how the picture came to be. 

Photo Credit: Getty, Facebook

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