Will Clay Matthews Get Flagged for Every Tackle

Is the NFL getting too soft? We went from the last 2 to 3 years questioning what a catch is. Well, so far this season that has not been an issue. The main issue is that touching the quarterback seems to always be a penalty. Ask Clay Matthews how he feels about the new rules. 3 weeks of regular season games. 3 flags on Clay Matthews for near perfect sacks. Last week Clay said he did not know what to do anymore, and I can’t imagine that has changed too much. Maybe this video will help:


 This week he stays upright just about as straight as you can stand while sprinting, brings down Alex Smith and immediately looks to the ref to see and BAM! Another flag. These new rules are becoming absolutely ridiculous. Hey NFL we get it, you want to protect the QB, but maybe you should stop worrying about that and worry about the state of the game, or maybe the safety of the guys going after the QB. Look at the Dolphins William Hayes. He did everything possible to avoid getting a flag when he sacked Derek Carr on Sunday, and what happens? He tears his ACL. Not a great look for the new rules. I know as the season goes on it will get more clear what the defense can and can’t do, but until then we will all feel like Clay Matthews and wonder what the heck is happening.


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