Sneaking In: Sorry Ms. Jackson

Okay Country fans, I gave your Zach Brown Band a try Sunday night at the Xfinity in Hartford.  Even though I saw a sea of people who loved this band, I am still not impressed.  I don't get it.  Are these songs good?  I mean, yes, The Country Fried Song is wonderful.  It felt like I was waiting all night for that moment where all of us sing-a-long to that Country Fried Song.  That moment took forever to get to.  They did do some cool classic rock covers though.

The entire time I was thinking of what could have been.  I also had tickets to see Janet Jackson.  Due to the proximity of the Xfinity theatre to my apartment, I chose ZB Band.  REGRETFULLY!  I feel like I am running out our opportunities to see Janet and I just blew a golden one.  Wasted on this damn Country Fried sing-a-long.


This show got a 1 American Made Pick-up out of 10 for me.  Sorry Country fans, just wasn't feelin it.



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