16-Team CFB Playoff

Once again, the college football season was pretty predictable.  Alabama / Clemson we all knew were going to be there.  Notre Dame & Oklahoma are 2 of the most storied programs in the history of college football.  Ohio State and Georgia were close but no cigar.

Can we have some fun at the end of the season once in my lifetime please?

A 16 team tournament makes the most sense.  10 automatic bids for the conference champs and 6 at-large bids.  Here is how it would look...

1.  SEC: Alabama vs 16.  MAC: Northern Illinois

8.  AAC: UCF vs 9.  Pac12: Washington

4.  Big12: Oklahoma vs 13.  Mt West: Frezno State

5.  @2:  Georgia vs 12.  @6: Penn State

2.  ACC: Clemson vs 15.  C-USA: UAB

7.  @3: Michigan vs 10.  @4: Florida

3.  @1: Notre Dame vs 14.  S-Belt: App State

6.  Big10: Ohio State vs 11.  @5: LSU

If we had this format, conference championships would mean a lot more.  Fans would be engaged longer.  Plus, you may actually get some parody like March Madness.  "December Delerium" would have me glued to the entire season and it would be the biggest sporting event in America.  Until then, forbgive me if I don't care so much about seeing if Alabama will lose.

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