UCONN Shows Heart, but Not Enough on Valentine's


#9 Houston beats UCONN 71-63

UCONN came out ice cold on an icy Valentine's night in Hartford. The Huskies kept the crowd standing for awhile awaiting their first official bucket. A corner-three finally went down at the 15:30 mark. The first half had bright spots with some notable highlights. The crowd was into the game early. Then the boys got caught in a bad rotation and gave up a corner-three right before half to go down 32-29. It was bad for the Huskies after that.

It is all about shooting the basketball! Houston knocked down 11 of 21 threes. Despite being horrible from the free-throw line, UCONN knocked down their share of shots as well, but not enough. The Huskies are so banged up right now. Gilbert (shoulder) / J. Adams (knee) / Vitale had a limp at the end of the game / Carlton's knee may still be bothering him. There are 6 games left. I hope UCONN doesn't limp all the way to tourney play. They need 2 more wins! Why 2? Improvement. We are 13-11 right now, we were 14-18 last year.


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