Well, It was a Dunk Contest

A collection of four No-Namer NBA players got together in Charlotte to have a dunk contest. Long story short, you didn't miss anything. Hamidou Diallo won the contest by jumping over Shaq. Well, he "kinda" jumped over Shaq. He definitely pushed off Shaq's shoulders, but it was a "Cookie-Jar" dunk. It was the best dunk of the night. 40+ year old Vince Carter should have emerged from the crowd to show these kids how it's done. Quavo and 2Chainz got mroe of a chance to showcase their basketball skills than Vince.

Dennis Smith Jr. set the Knicks back in public hoops favor further than before the All-Star Weekend started, if you can believe it. He may have single-handedly ended the dunk contest with his horrible performance. There were plenty of stink-faces to go around during his failed attempts. What made me almost puke, was a "50" granted to his 8th or 9th attempt at a crappy dunk over Dwayne Wade with Steph Curry on the lob. It was sad. Actually, J. Cole's miss-dunk may have been one of the top 5 highlights from the contest.


I don't want the NBA Dunk Contest to end. I just want them to be better. Either the stars come out to play or we bring in streetballers. Throw some bucks behind it and make it worth winning. All I am saying is that we can do better than Dennis Smith Jr vs Hilladiallo-what's-his-name in the finals.


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