The Bird Gone Wrong

There are a lot of life lessons when it comes to the middle finger. As I have stated in a recent blog, you must own flipping the bird. However, realize that every bird flipped has the potential for backlash. Sometime you flip the bird to the wrong person and you will painfully feel the repercussions. Sometimes you flip the bird at the wrong time. It can be a late bird flip and signal the wrong person. Sometimes, it is just the wrong place.

Noriana Radwan learns this lesson the hard way. She flipped off a LIVE camera while a student-athlete at UCONN. Oh yeah, during a championship celebration, that was nationally televised. Needless to say, the university was not happy. The Huskies pulled her scholarship and she was shown the door. Noriana then filed a lawsuit.

Today, Noriana lost her battle against UCONN. After six years, the AAC Championship bird has finally been put to rest.