Minor League Baseball Dont Go!!!!

It's official, the Yard Goats made their announcement yesterday that the season will not happen in 2020. Everyone now knows that these minor league clubs are simply at the service of the major league clubs. The majors do not need their 2020 services.

It is a sad day for us local sports fans. I know we don't really know our minor league team's record. I know I have never heard of 95% of the guys on our roster. However, it's OUR TEAM. They represent OUR CITY. It is sad that the major league clubs see no use for these teams, games, leagues, fans this year. I get it, why risk it in this pandemic.

I am going to miss the sounds of the crowds. I will miss the smell of spicy peppers filling the concourse. I will definitely miss seeing the smiles filing out of the ballpark after a walk-off winner. Here is one for you so you can savor the flavor....