Sneaking In: Meth & Red

There is just something about my 90's rappers. They are all veterans that bring energy to the stage. They are all so grateful for the fans and for their careers. Meth & Red are no different. Great performers, they played all the hits, and they had fun with the audience.

There is nothing like a REAL DJ performance. Meth and Red brought 2 DJs with them. They both had legit skills.

The show was ended with Meth and Red thanking everyone for coming. It was an expensive show, especially for the Webster. #NoOffense Before everyone left, Method Man grabbed the mic to warn the person who stole his sister's purse that they were a POS and he was coming for them. Moments later, Redman found Meth's sister's purse behind a speaker. Meth grabbed the mic and apologized. He then said his sister is known for that. Great way to end a show at the Webster. I gave it some high claps.

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