I'm a Real Monkeys Fan

No MLB right now. To fill the void, I have been watching the Taiwan league, the CPBL. The Rakuten Monkeys have become my favorite team to watch. I actually like the whole league. However, right now I am a front-runner and love the 6-0 Monkeys.

The league has no human fans, only Robofans. They treat them as if they are all real people. The Monkeys cheerleaders, yes cheerleaders, make confusingly hilarious YouTube videos.

I think Robofans are something that the MLB should and will adopt. I know they can use them at Marlins games.

Oh yeah, and the Monkeys can play!

So wake up early sports fans. We are on a significant time difference to watch this league LIVE. It is worth it for people like myself who are starved for sports. Starting May 1st, all Monkeys games will be streamed in English LIVE for free!

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