Pour One Out: Tom Seaver

I could go on and on about Tom Seaver and his baseball career. He was great! Great pitcher, better teammate, and even better man. Here are some things you may not know that I think are important:

  • Recently denied Tom Brady to copyright "Tom Terrific"
  • US Marine Reserve
  • He became a Met because MLB tried to screw him over for being on an NCAA team for 2 exhibition games after the Braves had drafted him. However, he did not play. So he tried to go back to college, but the NCAA claimed he had already been drafted. So the MLB allowed anyone to match the Braves offer for his rights. The Phillies, Indians, and Mets all matched. It went to a lottery, the Mets won!
  • He has been on SNL, To Tell the Truth, the Merv Griffin Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, and in this gem of a commercial....

He was one cool dude.

Pour one out. RIP Tom Seaver

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