G-Lg Gems: Wk1

For some odd reason, I have watched more G-league basketball this year than ever. It is probably due to COVID, but it is just wk1. Here are some quick gems you truly don't need...

1st off,,, get to know the next top draft pick JALEN GREEN. He skipped college to start his life getting paid to play basketball:

There are a bunch of other notable names in the G this year.

  • Jeremy Lin has got more headlines than minutes.
  • Jarrett Jack is still doing it. He is on Jalen Green's team (Ignite).
  • UCONN's Jalen Adams is averaging 13.5 points for the Erie Bayhawks.
  • Top recruit from Arizona Univ, Nico Mannion is top 10 in scoring.

The league leader in scoring after a few games is The Big Ig! Ignas Brazdeikis

Only a handful of these guys will make it. Let the weeding out process begin.

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