It's time for Daniel Jones to take over

After an 0-2 start Pat Shurmur deiced to make the move today to bench Eli Manning in favor of Daniel Jones . It wasn't a question if this move was going to happen this year it was when the Giants choose to select Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the draft this April. Eli was also benched during the 2017 season with 5 games left but due to outrage from the fanbase and across the league owner John Mara choose to fire head coach Ben Mcadoo and GM Jerry Reese after the move was made.

Before Jones makes his debut Sunday in Tampa Giants fans are wondering what Daniel Jones will bring to the table that Eli Manning didn't late in his career. From what I saw in the preseason Daniel Jones was mobile and was able to get away from defenders the way Eli is not able to. Anther thing that really stood out about Jones is his accuracy and ball placement he completed over 80 percent of his passes in the preseason.

Now that the move has been made Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman's time with the Giants will be defined by the way Daniel Jones preforms.

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