Happy Anniversary Bartolo Colon Home Run

Four years ago today, Bartolo Colon had a magical moment that not just Mets fans, but most baseball fans will never forget, he hit is first career home run. He also made history when he took that swing, becoming the oldest player in MLB history to hit their first career home run. At nearly 43 years old, Big Bart finally got to trot around the bases and when I say trot, I mean trot. People may say he took his time because he was taking it all in, but I know that's not the case, that was his "oh crap, I did it" full out sprint. There are so many great moments just from this at bat like the home run in general, but the rest of the team vacating the dugout before he got back was all too perfect. So without further adieu, here is Big Sexy's big moment.

Image: Getty Images

Video: Youtube.com